Chipotle is really trying hard to win back its business. The company has already given away an estimated 5.3 million burritos, and plans to send an additional 21 million pieces of direct mail with food offers that run through May 15.

This week the company also announced it will launch Guac Hunter, an online photo hunt-style game where players must spot the differences between two similar photos within a given time frame. Winners get an offer for free chips and guacamole at any U.S. Chipotle.

Kansas/Oklahoma Wildfire

The Oklahoma Forestry Service reports 397,420 acres of grassland and farmland have burned in Kansas and Oklahoma this week. The Anderson Creek Fire began Tuesday west of Alva, Okla., and is still burning. Initially the fire was 40 miles long and 5 miles wide, but high winds averaging 30 mph and gusts up to 65 mph increased its path. The fire moved north into Kansas burning property in both Comanche and Barber Co. Both the Oklahoma Forestry Services and Kansas Livestock Association (KLA) have reported no losses of cattle, but multiple houses and structures have been lost to the fire.

Thursday Funnies

Our popular ‘Friday Funnies,’ produced one day early because our offices are closed tomorrow for Good Friday. So, no GTN. We’ll return on Monday.

ISIS Trolling Day

This week’s terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, reminded us of “ISIS Trolling Day” that was staged December 11 by the “hacktivist” group calling itself “Anonymous.”

Terrorism is not a subject we pretend any level of expertise, but the Anonymous memes on Twitter poking fun at ISIS are certainly GTN worthy.

Anonymous claims ISIS is trying to “silence all of us and get us to just lay low and hide in fear." So, Anonymous encourages folks to “harass” ISIS with meme-based mockery. While the links provided here do not contain any vulgar images, there is language used that you wouldn’t hear on The Andy Griffith Show.