Accusations flew around an Ontario courtroom yesterday as Anita Krajnc, 49, testified in her trial in which she is charged with criminal mischief for giving water to pigs in a truck on their way to a slaughterhouse. She admits to giving water to the animals, but she contends that it was not illegal.

Kraijnc called slaughterhouses “death camps,” and factory farms subject sows to “rape” by way of repeated artificial insemination. “To me, this is evil. It’s an evil system.” The owner of the pigs has argued that Ms. Krajnc could have introduced a contaminant into the truck and disturbed the otherwise tightly regulated health and safety of the animals. The “pig trial” has gained the attention of animal-rights supporters, many of whom wept in the public gallery as Ms. Krajnc compared the mass slaughter of farm animals to the Holocaust and the struggle for African-American civil rights in the 1960s.

Ambivalence about border wall

Arizona rancher Ed Ashurst lives at ground zero in the ongoing battle between illegal immigrants and the U.S. Border Patrol. He often sees people-smuggling nearby, people moving in bunches into the country.

His house, outside of the border town of Douglas, has been robbed.

But Ashurst is ambivalent about building a fence or wall along the border. The smugglers use a power hack-saw to cut through the fence and get their contraband through, he says.

Ashurst’s opinion of the wall matches that of most Arizonans. A recent Arizona Republic poll found that 55% of Arizona voters do not want a border wall between Mexico and the US.

Antibiotics: Man vs. Animal

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria continues to be a major story of 2016. A new CDC study finds that hospitals are increasingly turning to a host of more powerful, “last resort” antibiotics. On September 21, the UN convened a special session to tackle how to curb the use of antibiotics. Is the ag community positioned to deal with this challenge? The Center for consumer Freedom’s Rick Berman says the activists are.

This month, the Natural Resources Defense Council and a coalition of Ralph Nader outfits filed a petition (and a press release) claiming that the FDA has failed to adequately deal with antibiotic use in agriculture. Specifically, these activists want the feds to ban all antibiotic use for disease prevention in livestock.

Take stress out of transportation

Transportation doesn’t start with the truck and trailer; it begins where cattle are loaded. Once in the pen it isn’t so much what type of facilities are holding the cattle but how they are handled that matter.

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