Vegan fans of pop singer Beyoncé kinda made a big deal out of her appearance on Good Morning America last year where she claimed to follow a plant-based diet. She said she adhered to 22 Days Nutrition, a plan developed by Marco Borges, a vegan and exercise physiologist.

But prior to a recent performance in England, someone claiming to be “butcher to the stars” reported on Twitter that he had sold Beyoncé $1,300 worth of chicken and steaks.

Vegans were horrified at the news, prompting the vegan web site Ecorazzi to proclaim: “You don’t need a celebrity to show you how to go vegan.”

Grape nuts

A cluster of simple grapes sold at auction in Japan last week for about $11,000. No, the buyer wasn’t Beyoncé, but a representative of Kurashi Kaientai a supermarket.

He told reporters that the bunch of about 30 individual Ruby Roman grapes will be put on display at the store, and given out to shoppers for free. That’s about $366 per grape. The first grapes from a harvest are considered to bring prestige and good luck, therefore often fetching crazy sums of money. 

Members only ranch

A 165-year old ranch north of Los Angeles is opening its gates to hikers for a hefty fee. Tejon Ranch is the largest privately held piece of contiguous land in California at 270,000 acres. In September, 25,000 acres of the ranch will be opened for access to individuals and families willing to pay $2,500 per year. The membership dues allow access in a five-month season for hiking, mountain biking, photography, picnics, camping and horseback riding.  “For so many years, the ranch was closed,” says Mike Campeau director of hunting and equestrian operations. “For the last year, we’ve been trying to bring new business here.”

WASDE: Beef production slated to jump, prices unchanged

USDA's World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimate report projects cattle prices to remain the same while beef production should rise.

Beef production for 2016 is projected to go up 270 million lb. from the previous report in June. Imports and exports of beef are both slated to increase, too. Third quarter prices for finished steers are estimated at $120.12/cwt.