Cargill, the nation’s third largest beef processor, announced the sale of two Texas feedyards to Amarillo-based Friona Industries, L.P.

Prior to the sale, Cargill was also the nation’s third largest cattle feeding company with one-time capacity of about 300,000 head. The two Texas feedyard locations, Dalhart and Bovina, had a one-time capacity of approximately 125,000 head. In early 2015, Cargill sold its Lockney, Texas, feedyard which had a one-time capacity of 60,000 head. Cargill will continue to operate feedyards at Leoti, Kan., and Yuma, Colo. Cargill appears to be re-shuffling its protein business. A year ago the company sold its entire pork business to JBS USA Pork for $1.45 billion.

Three years ago, Cargill closed its Plainview, Texas, beef processing facility.

Yet the company is expanding in other areas. Cargill just bought Five Star Custom Foods, a Fort Worth, Texas-based producer of specialty cooked meats. In September, it converted a beef processing plant in Columbus, Neb., to a cooked meats processing plant and opened a new beef distribution center in Dodge City, Kan., in January.

India Launches Cow Helpline

The scuffle between meat eaters and the Hindu ban on meat in India shows no sign of easing. On Sunday the police in one province launched a 24-hour helpline for citizens to report incidents of cow smuggling or slaughter.

The India Times reports a video of two alleged cow smugglers being forced to eat “panchgavya” as punishment for their actions. “Panchgavya” is a concoction of cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd and ghee. One of those who captured the smugglers said, “We made them eat the panchgavya to teach them a lesson, and also to purify them.”

Can You Fix Your Tractor?

Being a good farmer usually means you’re also mechanically inclined. Repairing your own equipment often limits down time and can save you money. But advancements in technology make repairs more difficult, and in some cases illegal. The makers of off-road and farm equipment and many consumer electronics require their products be repaired by certified dealers. Now, The Lincoln Journal Star reports that Nebraska is one of four states considering legislation that would require manufacturers to make diagnostic, service and technical information available to farmers and independent repair technicians. The others are Massachusetts, Minnesota and New York.

Corporate Farming Battle in North Dakota

With a failed ballot measure that sought changes to the state's decades-old corporate farming law in the rear-view mirror, a potentially lengthy federal court battle over its legality has arisen. In June, the North Dakota Farm Bureau filed a lawsuit in federal court in Bismarck against the law that went into effect in 1932. The attorney general's office will be filing its response by the end of this month to what is being called a complex case, the Bismarck Tribune reported.