You may be surprised to know we don’t spend much time reading Glamour magazine. That’s why we missed the health secrets Katy Perry shared with her adoring fans.

Perry, a very successful pop vocalist and actress, says the reason she can work so tirelessly is that she drinks unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. Yuck! She also claims the drink helps keep her immune system in great shape so she never has to cancel shows. Such advice is not just B.S., it’s dangerous.

The unpasteurized drink increases the risk of food-borne pathogens, not to mention that health claims for apple cider vinegar are unproven.

Mississippi’s homeless inspectors

The state of Mississippi apparently doesn’t place restaurant inspections high on its bucket list. The financially strapped Mississippi Department of Health has been forced to close offices and has told inspectors to work from home or their cars. Food Safety News reports the state cut 13.6% from the Department of Health’s budget, which forced the layoff of 61 people and means 89 vacant positions will go unfilled. Another $4 million may be lost from the federal government because the state does not have matching money required for certain funding.

Fur vandal gets two years

An animal-rights activist will spend the next two years in prison for a cross-country fur-industry and mink-liberation campaign. Joseph Buddenberg and codefendant Nicole Kissane were arrested nearly two years ago after a 40,000 mile journey that freed mink from farms in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Idaho and Wisconsin. The pair also vandalized businesses in the San Francisco area. Prosecutors said the two carefully planned their actions and avoided detection by using cash only, not using phones while on the road and using encrypted emails. Both pled guilty, and have been ordered to share the payment of restitution totaling nearly $400,000. Kissane is scheduled to be sentenced next month.

Meat of the Matter: When life’s too short

Nary a week goes by without some sort of “revelation” related to the (alleged) deleterious effects of red meat consumption. This week’s entry is yet another twist on the shopworn meme that eating meat will kill you. Drovers columnist Dan Murphy has the scoop.