Food fads have just gone down the toilet. A George Brown College graduate is hoping her “Poop Café Dessert Bar” in Toronto will be the next big stink. Opening mid-August, Lien Nguyen came up with the idea after visiting a plush toilet-themed restaurant. The culinary management grad said the menu will offer traditional Thai, Japanese and Korean desserts—so good it’ll move you. Diners will get to sit on fake toilets and eat their food out of lavatory and urinal-shaped dishes. It’s all fun and games until kids want to go to the neighborhood sh*t-hole for some ice cream.

I'll Just Take an Ubear

There are many people who catch a quick Uber ride home, but it usually doesn’t come with dinner. While washing out the New Mexico garbage truck, a local resident noticed a grizzly bear perched atop the truck. While the bear (let’s call him Yogi) had a quick bite, the driver pulled conveniently near a large tree at the edge of town and let him off on a convenient tree limb. That’s road-side service! Watch the video.

Don’t Mess With Our McNuggets

McDonalds announced it’s removing artificial preservatives from it’s Chicken McNuggets, the chain’s most popular menu item, due to consumer pressure for less-processed fare. Buns will be losing it's high-fructose corn syrup ingredient and breakfast foods like sausage and scrambled eggs are also getting an artif-cut. We get consumers are looking for more wholesome food options, but we’ve seen how that goes for other fast food chains, starting with the letter “C.” Let’s just not rock the boat, m’kay?

W-DNR Scales Back Manure Rules

Complaints from dairy farmers has Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (W-DNR) pulling back on more stringent rules on manure spreading. W-DNR returned to the drawing board, coming up with a much narrower set of recommendations and smaller geographic area that’s impacted.