“He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” That was the opinion of Abraham Lincoln, and it’s playing out in an Oregon federal court. Ryan Bundy, whose trial is scheduled to begin next week along with seven others, is representing himself – an obvious mismatch compared to the federal prosecutors assigned the case. Bundy has subpoenaed Oregon’s governor and both of the state’s U.S. senators to testify at his trial, but the judge has already quashed the subpoena for Gov. Kate Brown and it appears likely the same ruling will excuse the senators.

Bundy also claims to have bullet fragments in his shoulder from the incident along Highway 395 when the Oregon State Police killed Lavoy Finicum, but refuses to allow the bullet to be removed.

He says the bullet is evidence in any potential civil trial Bundy plans to file, and he’s worried prosecutors would lose the evidence if he allowed the bullet to be removed. That’s one pre-trial argument Bundy won, as the judge agreed the bullet could stay where it is for now.

Friday funnies

Fun stories we’ve stumbled upon while composing this week’s GTN.

Still recovering after 2011 Texas drought

The year 2011—the driest year on record in Texas—was the stuff of nightmares for area ranchers.The Eagle newspaper reports that five years later, those who raise beef cattle are just beginning to recover. Kelley Sullivan, who co-owns Santa Rosa Ranch in Grimes and Houston counties with her father, said the 2011 drought made her a better producer. But at the time, the experience brought back daunting stories her father told her about living through the seven-year drought in the 1950s.

Crocodile hunters

A huge crocodile has been captured after taking livestock from a cattle station in Australia’s Northern Territory.