Attention, Park County, Wyo., farmers and ranchers: Neighbors beginning to crowd you? Feeling the urge for a little more elbow room? NASA’s got just the ticket—one way. The agency’s latest set of recruiting posters advertises a gaping need for new-age farmer/explorers longing to grow tomatoes, lettuce, peas and radishes “just like you would find in your summer garden.” If your summer garden were a frozen lava bed 34 million miles from home, that is, and if by “tomatoes, lettuce, peas and radishes,” you mean dandelions, crickets, textured vegetable protein and peanut butter.

The dance-hall chicken has evolved

In honor of state-fair carnival season, we found fascinating Modern Farmer’s history of the dancing-chicken booth and its early use in feed advertising. Our nostalgia was quickly drowned out, though, by the newest chicken dance hit. With almost a million YouTube hits in a week, it has been named the possible song of the summer—if you are a 10-year-old boy. Heaven help those of us who believe that although there are some pretenders to the throne, there’s only one true chicken dance.

Be on the lookout for anaplaz

Up until just the past few years, the disease has been most prevalent in the Gulf Coast and other wet, tick-friendly environments. Now, anaplasmosis has appeared and caused economic losses in beef and dairy herds around the country, including the Midwest and arid West. Drovers has the signs to watch for.

Apparently not an art Belieber  

Visitors to this year’s New York State Fair were understandably outraged when they got wind vandals had destroyed a sculpture of a famous horse’s rear end, fearing the beloved annual butter sculpture had been targeted. No need to worry. Turns out it was only a sand sculpture of Justin Beiber