That’s what farmers and agricultural groups want to know after two billboards in Washington state, that appear to violate federal rules governing EPA funding, lobby for new state legislation to limit farmers activities that environmental groups claim pollute waterways.

A coalition of environmental groups in Washington state put up the billboards with the same photo and headline to promote “What’s Upstream,” a campaign developed by a public relations firm to link agriculture with water pollution. It appears that a large amount of the money for the campaign and billboards are being financed by an EPA grant to the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission and controlled by the Swinomish Indian tribe.

But, but, isn’t the EPA an unbiased government agency? They wouldn’t be anti-agriculture, would they?

Oregon Standoff now on Facebook

Cliven Bundy and his sons are in custody while they await trial, but comments by Nevada Senator Harry Reid on the floor of the Senate last week brought replies that were posted on Facebook.

Reid referred to “the trouble caused by the Bundys and their pals,” as he called on President Obama to utilize the Antiquities Act to take executive action to preserve the Gold Butte area near Mesquite, Nevada.

Cliven Bundy's wife and Ammon Bundy's lawyer posted separate messages on Facebook, responding to Reid’s comments. Attorney Mike Arnold said he takes "exception to Reid's statements.'' He accuses the Democratic senator of pursuing "politics of anger'' and "politics of fear.''

China’s pork problem

Pork prices in China have risen to their highest level in five years, after jumping more than 25% in February.

Skyrocketing pork prices are the result of a shortage of domestic pigs, which has led to an increase in pork imports from the U.S. and other countries. Over the past year, pork prices have jumped 48% in China, with the average price now at roughly $1.80 per pound.

As the world’s largest pork consumer, Chinese consumers are also paying the most. Pork in Europe, for instance, is selling for roughly 65 cents per pound. Imports of pork to China were up 76% from a year earlier, and analysts say imports will remain high throughout the year.

Cricket’s missing teeth

Cricket, Dusty Craig’s 11-year-old Australian Shepard, has plenty of smarts and experience when it comes to pushing cows where she wants them. But even the best handlers can make a mistake now and again, and this one cost Cricket two teeth. But, as Dustry says in her latest blog post on Drovers, “those two lower incisors, at her age, were barely there to begin with anymore, so their loss was more a matter of pride than grievous injury.”