What gives, PETA? We can always count on you to be there, in pouting road-side memoriam for the countless victims of America’s unintentional roadside animal massacre—of cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, fish, and even the occasional raccoon and armadillo. But let a tractor/trailer north of Kansas City spill its innocent cargo of 8 million to 11 million honeybees during inhumane rush hour traffic, and not a word for you. We’re thinking the surviving bees may be flying into a rage.

Man snaps, eggs neighbor 100 times

An Ohio man accused of bombing the house of his former neighbor with eggs more than a hundred times has plead guilty to a charge of inducing panic. Authorities haven't said what motivated the attacks. What could drive a man to such enraged madness over eggs? It could only be one of two things, both of which involve incessant, nonsensical droning on.

Profit Tracker: Feedlot losses exceed $120

A decline of $5 per cwt in cash fed-cattle prices pushed cattle feeding margins $60 per head lower, leaving losses at $120 per head. The total cost of finishing cattle last week was $1,646, compared to $1,655 the previous week and $2,155 last year. Our Sterling Beef Profit Tracker has the full picture (AgWeb)

That’s Some Good TV: Goats climbing on everything

Anyone who’s tried to fence one in knows the infuriating habit goats delight in displaying. But who knew goats climbing on everything was such an Internet sensation? Hopping horses, riding rhinos, topping trees, climbing pigs, people and each other.