USDA’s five-area accumulative average cattle price provided a volatile first three weeks of October, but a late-month rally pushed the average back to $104.24 per cwt the week of Oct. 31.

Fed cattle prices began October with a $3 decline and pushed another $5 lower before rallying $6.67 per cwt the last two weeks of the month. The low point of $97.57 marked the first weekly average below the $100 level since December 2010.

Our group of cattle industry experts who make up the Monday Market Sentiment varied quite a bit in their average guesses throughout the month. Their closest estimation was only $0.77 per cwt off the five-area fed-cattle price the second to last week of the month. However, their largest gap in guessing occurred the week prior, with an overestimation of $3.34 per cwt.

Choice boxed beef experienced a decline in October, moving from less than $200 per cwt to $177 per cwt by Oct. 18. The 27-day average as of Nov. 9 was $183.46 per cwt, with a low of $177.89 and a high of $188.74. Prices leveled off at the end of the month.

Choice primal rib prices also experienced a dip lower in value, moving from approximately $320 per cwt at the beginning of October to as low as $290 per cwt on Oct 18. The 27-day average price as of Nov. 9 was $308.05 per cwt, with a low of $290.17 and a high of $344.32. Again, prices seemed to level off at the end of the month.

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October Weekly Winners:

  • Oct. 3: Terry Ryan, JBS Five Rivers
  • Oct. 10: Mike Drinnin, Drinnin Feedlots Inc.
  • Oct. 17: Wayne Lee, Cattle Empire
  • Oct. 24: Pat Knobbe, Knobbe Cattle Co.
  • Oct. 31: Pat Knobbe, Knobbe Cattle Co.

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Note: This story appears in the November/December issue of Drovers.