Heritability estimates of fertility in replacement heifers

05/29/2012 9:50:11 AM
“Heritability” is that portion of the difference in the performance of cattle that is due to genetics. ... Full story.

Real-world research 

05/24/2012 2:04:24 PM
Along with running Rabbit Creek Angus ranch, George Seidel is well known for his research in bovine reproduction at Colorado State University. On this spring’s branding day at the ranch, he outlines some of his work in estrus synchronization and how he uses his herd in CSU experiments. ... Full story.

Sexed semen – Technology tool for the commercial producer?

05/15/2012 4:50:00 PM
Sexed Semen in the beef industry in previous years may have seemed out of reach for the commercial producer. ... Full story.

Managing for reproductive success: Fertility of the herd - IV

05/11/2012 2:30:00 PM
Fertility is influenced by many factors, and one of the best methods to look at factors that influence fertility is with the “Equation of Reproduction”. ... Full story.

BeefTalk: Don't take bull fertility for granted

05/11/2012 9:30:00 AM
Late May and early June are prime bull turnout times in the beef business, so the final check needs to be done now to make sure every bull is ready to go. ... Full story.

Who let the bulls out?

05/07/2012 3:00:00 PM
With spring calves hitting the ground around the state, Kentucky cattle producers should begin to plan now for the breeding season to follow. ... Full story.

BeefTalk: Are your cows ready for breeding?

05/04/2012 9:05:00 AM
Well, what is, is. After a long and fairly nice winter, cattle are moving slowly to the cool-season grasses. ... Full story.

AI may be cheaper, more profitable than buying extra bulls

04/26/2012 4:33:47 PM
Many of the spring beef bull sales are now wrapped-up and cow-calf producers have purchased bull power for the 2012 breeding season. ... Full story.

Selecting for calmer cattle

04/26/2012 6:00:00 AM
Stockmen know that wild, temperamental cattle present a danger to handlers, facilities and other cattle. They’ve also learned that cattle behavior can play a role in performance, health and carcass value, making selection for calmer cattle a worthwhile effort. ... Full story.

Managing for reproductive success: Inseminator efficiency

04/25/2012 2:15:00 PM
Fertility is influenced by many factors, and one of the best methods to look at the factors is with the “Equation of Reproduction”. ... Full story.

Seek simplicity in genetic selection

04/25/2012 6:00:00 AM
The availability of expected progeny differences, selection indexes and genomic ratings for a wide range of traits, genetic decisions can become complex and intimidating. The process can be simplified though, as Kansas State University cow-calf Extension specialist Bob Weaber, PhD., explained during last week’s Beef Improvement Federation conference. ... Full story.

Cow-calf producers should focus on fertility

04/19/2012 10:22:38 AM
When considering all of the traits of importance to today's cattleman and current market prices for all classes of beef cattle, the primary focus of any cow-calf producer should be fertility. ... Full story.
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Ask the expert: Mixing cows from drought-stricken ranches

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