Making smarter replacement heifer decisions

02/10/2012 2:38:01 PM
Ask any cattle producer, and they’ll tell you a good female is hard to find – and they’re not talking about their spouse. Selecting and developing replacement heifers requires a significant ranch investment. ... Full story.

Bull reproductive exams important as breeding season approaches

02/09/2012 3:05:00 PM
Examining bulls for reproductive soundness is important as breeding season approaches, says a Purdue Extension beef specialist. ... Full story.

What about the bull?

02/08/2012 9:45:14 AM
It’s time to think about getting the bulls into breeding condition. Start by evaluating their overall body condition. ... Full story.

Mega marbling

02/07/2012 6:00:00 AM
Over the next week, we’ll highlight a few of the interesting or innovative products and services on display at the 2012 NCBA Trade Show in Nashville. Today’s installment looks at the Akaushi breed of cattle, which originated in Japan and now is establishing a presence in the United States. ... Full story.

Trichomoniasis cases continue to rise in Arkansas

02/06/2012 10:40:00 AM
A total of 97 cases of Trichomoniasis were reported in Arkansas during 2011. ... Full story.

eXtension webinar focuses on feed efficiency

02/06/2012 9:58:53 AM
The eXtension Beef Cattle Clearinghouse Community of Practice will conduct a webinar, titled “Selection for Improved Feed Efficiency: A Genomics Approach,” on February 9, 2012 starting at noon Central time. The presentation, featuring Dr. Bob Weaber, Kansas State University and Dr. Matt Spangler, University of Nebraska, will last for one hour. ... Full story.

BeefTalk: Cattle size is different than cow size

02/03/2012 9:48:30 AM
This discussion starts with a very popular topic, which is cattle size. One could say cow, bull or calf size. ... Full story.

Moving bred animals

02/02/2012 2:46:09 PM
Producers have questions about the safe period to haul heifers and cows without hurting their pregnancy rate. ... Full story.

Comparing A.I. to natural breeding (pt. 2) 

02/01/2012 11:38:00 AM
It may cost to breed cows using AI, but net returns increase substantially depending on how and when cows are marketed. ... Full story.

Are your cows ready for the calving season?

01/31/2012 1:50:32 PM
Cattle producers need to pay close attention to the nutritional management of pregnant cows as they approach calving, says a University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist. ... Full story.

Consumers buying higher-quality steaks; farmers adjust

01/25/2012 10:35:52 AM
Consumers are upgrading their beef buying habits. They prefer steaks of choice and prime U.S. Department of Agriculture quality grades. ... Full story.

Management strategies to improve end product

01/22/2012 7:55:00 AM
The American consumer expects a safe, wholesome, high quality eating experience each time they purchase a steak from the grocery store or restaurant. ... Full story.
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Ask the expert: Mixing cows from drought-stricken ranches

We’re buying young cow from drought stricken ranches and moving them to ours. Do we co-mingle or segregate for how long? Full story.



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