Getting the biggest bang for your buck

09/21/2012 2:20:00 PM
Purchasing feeds for a cow/calf producer is like doing taxes. Typically once a year producers start pricing feeds trying to figure out what is the best deal and what they should buy. ... Full story.

Evaluate your nutrition program by looking at calving records

09/18/2012 4:05:00 PM
Take time now to evaluate your nutrition program for the spring-calving cows. A way to do that is to evaluate the reproductive performance of the cow herd because reproduction is so closely linked to body condition of the cows and body condition is linked to the nutrition program. ... Full story.

BeefTalk: Drought strategy: Wean the calf, salvage the cow

09/14/2012 9:15:00 AM
Everyone is tired of hearing about drought. The skies are stark blue, usually considered nice, but most would appreciate some clouds and rain. ... Full story.

Restocking options focus of beef and forage expo

09/13/2012 1:38:53 PM
Beef producers considering restocking herds should do so slowly, allowing time for pastures to recover and effectively choose cattle that are a right fit for their operation. ... Full story.

Inventories for operational survival

09/06/2012 4:10:00 PM
As the drought continues across SD and the majority of the Corn Belt producers need to start looking at their operations more analytically than they have in the past. ... Full story.

Drought challenges bring opportunities

09/26/2012 9:30:47 AM
In September 2012 with drought conditions covering much of the nation, there are many challenges for cattle producers in the United States. ... Full story.

Livestock producers may see lowered fertility in herds this fall

08/28/2012 9:09:07 AM
As if drought damage to pastures and high hay and feed prices aren’t enough, livestock producers may see reduced fertility in their breeding herds this fall. ... Full story.

Economist: It’s producer ‘decision time’ for cattle restocking

08/16/2012 2:50:00 PM
Texas ranchers considering restocking options should think profitability first and foremost before writing a check, according to a Texas AgriLife Extension Service economist. ... Full story.

Fall calving following a drought

08/14/2012 2:25:00 PM
With all beef producers facing extreme challenges during a time of drought, those calving in the fall face a unique set of challenges that warrant addition management considerations. ... Full story.

Summer grazing gone, producers look to winter annuals

08/14/2012 9:28:45 AM
With summer’s grazing gone, Arkansas livestock producers are looking to winter annuals to sustain what’s left of their herds. ... Full story.

Cashing in on early pregnancy diagnosis

08/06/2012 2:02:51 PM
In order to maximize the productivity of a female within a beef cattle operation she must produce a marketable calf on every 365 days. ... Full story.

BeefTalk: Buy feed by value, not pounds

08/06/2012 12:49:56 PM
The struggle for sourcing feed continues as cattle producers evaluate current and future feeding options. Even though the culling is deep, there still are cows left to feed, so now is the time to call a good beef cattle nutritionist. ... Full story.
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Ask the expert: Mixing cows from drought-stricken ranches

We’re buying young cow from drought stricken ranches and moving them to ours. Do we co-mingle or segregate for how long? Full story.



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