Cattle market fundamentals clearer as drought conditions recede

03/26/2012 10:58:52 AM
Through much of the winter, uncertainty about continued drought in major beef cattle regions contributed to uncertainty about cattle industry supply fundamentals. Would 2012 be another year of drought forced liquidation, like 2011, or can the industry get back to responding to growing market signals for herd expansion? This question has significant implications for cattle markets in both the short run and the long run. ... Full story.

Lease or own cows and bulls?

03/21/2012 1:16:42 PM
The decision whether to own or lease cows and bulls involves several factors in addition to cost comparison. ... Full story.

What a difference a couple of weeks makes

03/19/2012 11:40:00 AM
Recent weather and the calendar ensure that spring will happen in a significant part of the drought region in the Southern Plains. ... Full story.

Resynchronization: An option for the small cow-calf rancher

03/16/2012 2:04:26 PM
I had a meeting last month comparing the costs per pregnancy for natural service and estrous synchronization and AI. ... Full story.

Cattle Management: March timely tips

03/14/2012 10:05:22 AM
Tips for managing your cattle ranch this spring. ... Full story.

AgriLife leads Texas cattle herd rebuilding initiative

03/13/2012 10:41:51 AM
The Texas AgriLife Extension Service is beginning a statewide educational initiative focusing on rebuilding cattle herds within the state. ... Full story.

Controlling input cost in developing heifers

03/09/2012 4:35:14 PM
Trey Patterson, COO of the Padlock Ranch in Wyoming, outlines how lower-input, lower-cost heifer development can pay, even if heifer pregnancy rates decline somewhat. ... Full story.

Purchasing versus raising replacement females

03/09/2012 10:56:19 AM
The recent decline in the national beef cowherd has increased interest in replacement female decisions. Some large-scale cattle operations have become more specialized in selecting for and propagating maternal traits in the females they produce for internal herd replacement. Often, additional replacement females are available for purchase from such sources. Alternatives for replacement females include either raising females from within the herd or purchasing replacement females from an outside source. ... Full story.

UNL webinar to focus on estrus synch

03/08/2012 9:24:18 AM
Estrus synchronization protocols have become simpler and more effective, allowing commercial producers to cost-effectively use artificial insemination in heifers and cows and tighten their calving seasons. ... Full story.

Commentary: Time to get cowed up

03/08/2012 8:14:01 AM
Bill Donald discusses herd expansion, including opportunities and challenges for ranchers of all ages. ... Full story.

Back to Basics: Stages of production in the beef cow

03/07/2012 1:02:02 PM
The production year of the cow herd is typically broken down into four physiological stages of production. ... Full story.

2012 weather will allow cattle operations to grow 

02/29/2012 11:05:08 AM
After last year's extreme drought and floods, a veteran meteorologist considers the 2012 forecast. ... Full story.
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Ask the expert: Mixing cows from drought-stricken ranches

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