Through April 15, producers and those affiliated with the cattle industry can take advantage of free Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) online certification, courtesy of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) and the BQA program, funded by the beef checkoff. Visit to receive your certification today!

BQA helps increase consumer confidence in the beef industry by demonstrating that the industry strives to produce a safe, wholesome product. All segments of the industry can benefit from becoming BQA-certified, including producers from cow-calf, dairy, stocker and feedlot operations, and anyone affiliated with those segments. With an overall focus on animal handling and disease treatment and prevention, online certification modules are customized to meet each segment’s needs.

“It worked great to break up the training modules and complete them over a two-week period. It fit my schedule,” says Keith York, dairy producer from Lake Geneva, Wisc., and 2014 Dairy BQA Award winner. “It was not only helpful for me to review some of the new animal handling information, but it was also a great tool for my employees. It was an effective way to manage and train the employees so they all knew where we stand on cattle handling and animal welfare issues. It’s a great tool to reaffirm best management practices.”

Beyond reinforcing industry best practices for cattle production, obtaining BQA certification can be a useful tool in an ever-changing industry landscape where consumers want to be assured they are receiving a product raised in ways that align with BQA.

More than 16,000 have enrolled in the BQA free certification program since BIVI partnered with BQA in 2013 — an impressive number that reflects both beef and dairy producers’ commitment to producing a quality beef product.

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