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Producer Communications Working Group (PCWG) Vice Chairman Larry Jones, cattle producer from Kansas, caught up with us to give an update on the checkoff-funded “Rev it Up” My ROI challenge.

Jones 1:  “Well I always think it’s important when we talk to our fellow producers about the beef checkoff and the value that we receive from it. You know a program that started in 1985, we’ve kind of taken it for granted lately. But recently with the study that was done that said that we got an 11 to 1 return on our investment, that is outstanding." (:20 seconds)

Jones says some of the winning entries in the past couple of weeks have shown how producers are sharing the good news about the checkoff with fellow investors.

Jones 2:  “I was just reading the comment from Amanda from Texas and it says, ‘Our livelihoods depend on producing a safe, wholesome, nutritious product tailored to the needs of consumers around the world. And beef producers have invested 27 million dollars in beef safety research.’ I think that’s just a spot-on comment. You know when 98 percent of our customers or prospective customers live outside our borders, I think we really have to focus on food safety and the science behind it.” (:29 seconds)

Jones 3:  “I think what’s interesting about Jackie – she talks about bringing out local school children to the ranch, and learning about beef and using material from the MBA program [Masters of Beef Advocacy]. I think, you know, she’s talking about our future consumers down the road, and that is just a great story.” (:15 seconds)

At almost halfway through the contest, Jones says there’s still time for you to enter!

Jones 4:  “If you weren’t successful one of the first two weeks, I think you just need to keep trying because this is a great contest and where else are you going to win a $23,000 vehicle to use on your ranch? And it was out of the generosity of Yamaha that this was made available to the checkoff. This is quite the machine – I think it’s very handy – every beef producer would love having one.” (:21 seconds)

For full contest details, and to enter on a weekly basis, visit the MyBeefCheckoff Facebook page. Reporting for the beef checkoff, I’m Melissa Sandfort. For more about your beef checkoff investment, visit