Consumers who want to learn more about veal farming, and veal farmers, packers, processors and veterinarians looking for the most recent Veal Quality Assurance (VQA) standards, now have an updated checkoff-funded website that showcases how veal calves are raised by dedicated farmers. The site invites consumers to “Come to the farm. There’s lots to learn.”

  • For example, did you know most veal calves are fed and grown to 500 pounds?
  • Did you know that a typical veal farm is a small family farm that raises approximately 200 calves?

There have been significant changes on veal farms in recent years – most noticeably the industry move to group housing – and the updated site addresses veal farm-production questions.

The new site also houses VQA resource materials for easy access and download by producers, veterinarians, packers, nutritionists and others. Consumers and customers expect veal growers to produce food in a responsible manner – consistent with their values. By voluntarily adopting the methods outlined in the VQA, veal farmers promote the health and well-being of animals under their care while producing the high quality, wholesome meat expected by consumers.

Also on the site: One video that takes viewers on a virtual tour of Chris Landwehr’s veal operation, and a second video that explains “Today’s Veal.”

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