Eating protein throughout the day includes benefits like building muscle and reducing body fat. Plus, protein-packed meals can help people feel more satisfied which may help prevent overeating. That’s why the Texas Beef Council (TBC) is encouraging consumers to take control of their diets through the 30 Day Protein Challenge.

“A single serving of beef is equal to 50 percent of the recommended daily value of protein,” Rachel Chou, Senior Manager for Consumer Communications at TBC said. “Choosing lean beef provides complete, high quality protein the body needs for top health. Plus, it tastes great and is really versatile for meal time.”

The checkoff-funded 30 Day Protein Challenge is a fun, step-by-step way to help consumers get an optimal amount of protein throughout the day. Joining the plan provides tools and daily tips to keep people on track, offers recipes for protein-packed meals and snacks, and tracks progress and shares success stories.

“TBC is working hard to promote the healthy benefits of adding protein like lean beef to peoples’ diets,” Dr. Dick Sherron, Beaumont cattleman, physician and TBC Board Member said. “We want people to take control of their diets by adding protein-rich food to start feeling the difference.”

Extended outreach efforts by TBC include partnerships with retailers like United Supermarkets, health and fitness teams, and offered incentives to Texas Beef Team members.

Anyone can sign up for the Protein Challenge at to get all the tools you need, plus daily tips to keep you on track.