…the checkoff‘s extensive market research shows us that older Millennials – especially those with young families – make up our target audience for consumer marketing? This year, millennials are going to hear more about how beef nourishes families so they can thrive. That’s because the checkoff is partnering more with food and health-and-fitness websites and bloggers this year, who will share about how they include beef in their healthy lifestyles.
And, research defines SOCIAL MEDIA as the best way to reach the older millennial audience in high-population centers. The millennial generation is 80 million strong – which is bigger than the Baby Boomers’ generation and currently makes up about 25 percent of all Americans and about a third of all American adults. Knowing that, the checkoff is identifying people across the country to begin online chats for events that involve beef, such as local television cooking shows or food celebrations. Learn more and share today!