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(0:00 – 0:48) Did you know ... The checkoff’s “Grocery Grab” online nutrition game, launched May 15, had generated 922 game plays by July 1? The game has supporting resources including the Beef Up Your Nutrition lesson plan; the Built from Beef activity sheet; The Big Race eComic; and Kid Friendly Beef Recipes. Meanwhile, “The Steaks are High” game, launched in February, generated 1,587 game plays by July 1 and yielded an increase of more than 13 percent of users indicating they will “probably” or “definitely” eat beef this week after playing the game. Supporting materials include: The Stage is Set for Beef” lesson plan; Pasture Cowculations activity sheet; Beef Heritage eComic; and an After School Resource Kit. To learn more about your beef checkoff investment, visit

(0:51 – 1:30) Did you know ... On May 2, the checkoff partnered with the Egg Nutrition Center and the National Dairy Council to share protein research with the Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group at its annual symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The symposium drew about 430 Registered Dietitians to an evidence-based Advanced Practice Protein Summit to discuss protein science, misperceptions and contemporary applications for practitioners. The symposium was followed by a reception for leading health professionals to open networking opportunities with the keynote protein research panelists. To learn more about your beef checkoff investment,

(1:33 – 2:10) Did you know ... The checkoff hosted Washington D.C. mommy/runner blogger Mile-Posts on a beef immersion experience at Hedge Apple Farms in Buckystown, Maryland June 18. Dorothy Beal was awarded “Best Run Blogger in 2015” by Fitness Magazine and recently appeared on the cover of Competitor magazine and Women’s Running. This fall, Beal will represent the beef checkoff at the First-Timer’s Pep Rally leading up to the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon – and also run with #TeamBeef in the Marathon – thanks to the checkoff’s Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative. To learn more about your beef checkoff investment, visit

(2:13 – 2:36) Did you know ... Nearly 250 grocery and meat-case managers and corporate leadership from a northern California-based grocery chain attended a checkoff session to learn more about the value that beef brings to their businesses, especially to millennial consumers? The supermarket chain operates nearly 200 stores in California and Nevada. To learn more about your beef checkoff investment, visit

(2:39 – 3:11) Did you know ... Checkoff staff recently met with key decision-makers at a unique purchasing company that procures protein for several national midscale foodservice operators. By pooling meat orders among their clients, they are able to buy at more cost-effective rates, thus reducing costs both for the restaurants they work with and the customers of those restaurants. The checkoff shared the current economic outlook, as well as information about culinary trends and new cuts, as well as providing a cutting demonstration. To learn more about your beef checkoff investment, visit