Connie Bales, professor of medicine at Duke University School of Medicine, is currently conducting a checkoff-commissioned experimental obesity intervention with older adults who are frail, using protein to offset the challenge to muscle mass during weight loss. Bales describes what initial analyses show.

Bales 1:  What we found was that weight reduction was good for everybody in the study but for those who had beef twice a day and a total of three meals per day, 30 grams of protein, the increase in function at the end of the study was more than double that in the control group.” (:15 seconds)

Bales explains more about “eating right” when it comes to the aging population.

Bales 2:  We know, of course, that there are a lot of nutrients in beef besides protein, and we have also found beef to be a nice complement to lower-starch, lower-carb fruits and vegetables in the diet. It is helping to bring us away from this sense that we’re getting too many refined carbohydrates and maybe even starch in our diet. It’s very well-accepted in this aging population -- the idea of normal foods and a normal meal that you can chew, was very well tolerated really beyond my expectations in this trial where we were really using beef so commonly over a relatively long period of time.” (:33 seconds)

Bales puts it into one simple take-away.

Bales 3:  Well, we know that protein will build muscle and we know that exercise will build muscle and we know that if you put them together you get an even better effect.” (:07 seconds)

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