Your beef checkoff invests in promotion to build buyer loyalty to U.S. beef in more than 80 countries. JAPAN currently is the leading market for our beef, with the value of exports completely recovered from the December 2003 market closure and U.S. beef exports to Japan setting new records again in 2014.

During the first 10 months of calendar 2014, U.S. beef exports to Japan reached:

  • 456.1 million pounds
  • A value of $1.33 billion
  • 11 percent ahead of record-level exports to the country during the same period in 2013

Here are just a sample of foreign-marketing programs that your Beef Checkoff Program recently funded – or funded, in part – in Japan:

  • Japanese food- and lifestyle-magazine editors and photographers toured the U.S. beef industry, which included a ranch, supermarkets and restaurants. The results? Subsequent articles in these Japanese magazines encouraged use of consistent, high-quality, safe and versatile U.S. beef.
  • Your checkoff helped deliver a series of seminars to more than 500 food distributors, grocers and restaurant buyers from major cities throughout Japan. Cutting demonstrations at the seminars focused on the top blade and shoulder clod to show how U.S. beef can help meet their specific product needs.
  • In a unique effort to connect Japanese families with the outstanding flavor and quality of U.S. beef, the checkoff helped fund a series of outreach events that offered parents and children a chance to sample U.S. beef prepared to fit with traditional Japanese cuisine.

“The participating families were excited to see how a high-quality product like U.S. beef blends so well with their current diet and food taste preferences,” said Takemichi Yamashoji, senior marketing director for the U.S. Meat Export Federation, a contractor to the beef checkoff.

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For the latest overview of U.S. beef exports to Japan and other countries across the globe, visit Record Beef-Export Value. For the latest information about checkoff-funded foreign marketing programs, visit Foreign Marketing.

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