The role played by cattle producers over the last 90-plus years in contributing to the understanding of the essential role of protein in the human diet is an untold story. Thanks to the Beef Checkoff Program, new evidence continues to be uncovered that establishes protein’s benefits to a multitude of lifestyle functions, including studies that show adequate dietary protein can optimize health across all life stages, such as infancy, childhood and aging.

To recognize the contributions of the beef industry in better understanding protein’s role, the checkoff published a 12-page booklet, An Evolving Nutrition Focus, which describes this knowledge evolution beginning early in the last century.“Protein’s Role in the Human Diet” is a 2-page summary of the booklet that we believe may be of use in your publications. The 2-pager can be provided as a high-res PDF formatted to meet the specifications of your publication.

A PDF copy of the booklet and the summary is found at the links above. We believe this information provides producers an insight into the value of the checkoff’s research programs. If you are interested in this offer, please email Betty Anne Redson ( with your publication timeline and magazine specs for the layout of the file.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. Please email or call Betty Anne Redson ( / 303-850-3348) if you have any questions.