The American Bankers Association has been posting the list of the largest agricultural banks on the association’s website during the last few years. Final list for the 2011 year was recently posted.

In some cases, large banks with multiple locations are reported as a group or with agricultural loans funneled through one location. But in other cases reporting is strictly by individual locations.  The data comes from reports the banks file with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

As the former editor of Ag Lender magazine, which has been discontinued, somewhat due to the consolidation of banks and those who specialize in agricultural lending, I’ve seen strong interest by most persons in agriculture in knowing which banks, and to what level, financing of agricultural business referred to as farm loans is being handled.

There are different ways to measure agricultural lending volume, but the most common is the one provided, which is total farm loans in billions of dollars. Click here to view the pdf chart of top 100.

View the list here.