GMO labelingThe farm billSchool lunchesFood safety. In contrast to the presidential candidates from both parties, Politico tackles a host of controversial food and ag questions in its latest issue of "The Agenda."

In a story on food policy, 97% of food experts surveyed by Politico say presidential candidates are not doing enough to discuss the future of food policy, which includes everything from farm bill programs to school nutrition and health guidelines to food safety (and biotechnology) regulation.

“Overall, the survey reveals a level of frustration with current federal government policies, which, many say, often seem to work at cross-purposes, with one agency working to accomplish one goal and the other looking to do the opposite,” the story says.

The issue also contains a Q&A with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, a piece on the connection between the school lunches and farm programs, and more.

Click here to read "The Agenda: The Food Issue" from Politico.