The Ball Park brand has always been known for its hot dogs, but now it is bringing a new player up to bat.

In an attempt to market towards millenials, Tyson, which acquired Ball Park last year after purchasing Hillshire, has now added beef and pork jerky to the Ball Park brand, reported Claire Williams for Arkansas Online. The favorite snack food "is doubling Ball Park's marketing budget," Tim Smith, vice president Ball Park Jerky told Williams.

Millenials are the main target in this campaign after a study released showed that millenials would rather eat small snacks than large meals. Millennials, as well as a lot of the population, are moving away from these big meals," said Smith.

Three of the jerky flavors are beef, despite the fact htat Tyson has been closing beef production plants and scaling back on beef production. Smith told Williams that "We [Tyson] don't need the amount of cattle that some of our other products do, so we don't see that being a big issue."

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