Football season is finally here! Football fans can really score when serving beef. Whether you’re filling the stadium parking lot with the aromas of charcoal-grilled burgers, steaks and marinated kabobs, or tempting guests around your TV with a slow cooker favorite, beef is the perfect way to tackle your hunger before the game.

Helpful Tips

Here are a few helpful tailgating tips when grilling with beef:

  • Grilling is a low-fat and healthy way to cook. There are a variety of beef cuts that meet government guidelines for “lean,” including favorites like sirloin, T-bone steak and 95 percent lean ground beef.
  • Plan your menu and do the prep work a day or two before the game. Keep the menu simple and pack prepared food in disposable containers.
  • Create a check-list prior to packing.
  • Be sure to pack all cooking utensils you need, especially an instant-read meat thermometer; it’s the best way to determine doneness of burgers and steaks.
  • Plan to arrive at the game early. Food should be ready 1-1/2 hours before the game starts. This will allow time to eat, clean up, and extinguish fires before leaving to watch the game.
  • Line your portable grill with aluminum foil for easy clean-up and disposal of used charcoal.
  • Grill over medium heat. This ensures even cooking and flavorful, juicy meat.
  • Keep raw meat separate from other foods. Never place cooked meat on platters that held raw meat. Be sure to use clean platters and utensils when serving.
  • Don’t forget to bring disposable trash bags for clean-up.

Okoberfest Beef Burgers

Enjoy cheering on your favorite football team with this Oktoberfest Beef Burgers recipe. It’s a fun, new seasonal burger recipe that combines the attributes of a traditional patty melt and a Reuben sandwich for a unique Oktoberfest flavor. It’s sure to be a football fan’s favorite!