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... Veal, which frequently yields the export spotlight to U.S. beef, was front-and-center recently when the checkoff participated in two high-profile culinary events in Moscow.

... Cattlemen’s Beef Board CEO Polly Ruhland narrates a 26-minute video about the recent Beef Industry Scan.

Did you know ...

... that providing 30-minute nutritious meal solutions  is just one of the things that your checkoff is doing to show millennials how beef can fit into their lifestyle? The checkoff also motivates foodservice chefs and other professionals to sell more beef by providing them with a steady flow of knowledge, fact-based information and inspiration to keep their menus alive and active with beef. This includes new opportunities for preparing beef, through preparation methods, new flavor combinations and profiles, and new equipment and appliances.

... that your checkoff’s “Easy Fresh Cooking” labels provide recipe, cookery and safe-handling information in one convenient on-pack sticker  on fresh beef products? The labels are proven to build consumer confidence in purchasing a wider variety of beef cuts:  72 percent of shoppers say they have bought a product because of the on-pack marketing, and 46 percent say they are more likely to purchase new or different cuts as a result. Easy Fresh Cooking takes the guess work out of the meat case, making beef easier to shop for and easier to stock. More than 10,000 stores nationwide use the checkoff program or a similar customized offshoot of it.

MBA Growing in Numbers and Influence 

As the beef checkoff Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) program approaches our 5th anniversary we are also nearing 5,000 graduates nationwide in 48 states and around the globe in countries including Australia, Canada and Mexico. Averaging 1,000 graduates per year is a pace the checkoff never imagined when the MBA program launched in 2009.

In the past five years, MBA grads have engaged in countless conversations with consumers about how beef is raised, the care we provide for animals and the environment, as well as improvements in beef safety and the health and nutrition benefits of beef. MBA grads continue to commit personal time to complete the program and engage consumers.

The goal in 2014 and beyond is to help MBA grads advance their beef advocacy efforts to the level of tremendous role models like Ryan Goodman and Debbie Lyons-Blythe. Visit to enroll today!

Get to Know Joan Ruskamp

Beef Board member Joan Ruskamp takes every opportunity she can to put her story about raising cattle and producing a safe, wholesome beef product into terms with which consumers who might never have set foot on a farm can relate. She considers it part of her daily chores, or duties, as a cattle producer, to help stomp out myths about farming and ranching and strengthen consumer confidence in the beef industry and beef products.

"It's like running a hotel. We have lots of room to put cattle, and we want to keep them happy and well-fed while they're here," she told an Opryland Hotel employee. "She understood it immediately," Joan explained to ag writer Chuck Jolley. "She understood that we were in similar businesses, that we have to work hard to take care of our guests."

Get to know Joan by reading her complete interview with Jolley at Joan Ruskamp interview.