U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she is “furious” about the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recent decision to allow genetically-engineered (GE) salmon to be sold for human consumption. Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska and an ardent opponent of what she calls “frankenfish,” says she will continue to push for mandatory labeling.

The FDA’s decision on GE salmon comes after 20 years of deliberation over the safety of GE food for humans and the environment. Now, AquaBounty, a small company with 21 employees, is free to raise and sell their fish in stores—if retailers will accept the product.

GE salmon is the first “animal” produced with biotechnology to gain approval. That suggests we will soon see similar technology available for the production of beef, pork and dairy products, which would dramatically raise the stakes for GE technology and undoubtedly fuel a prolonged debate.

After the FDA approval, AquaBounty CEO Ronald Stotish released a statement, saying: “AquAdvantage Salmon is a game-changer that brings healthy and nutritious food to consumers in an environmentally-responsible manner.”

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