It’s not every day you get the chance to compete in a race alongside cattle – except, perhaps, if you’re from Salem, New Jersey.

On Oct. 9, Salem locals participated in the second annual Cow Run 10 Miler. Race director Chris Davenport decided to take the name to heart and make the experience as authentic as possible, so he asked rancher Grant Harris to pour grain into the road and call over his 20 steers, reported Kit Fox of Runner’s World.

“I mean, this is the Cow Run,” Harris told Fox. “Just jogging down the lane next to a fenced off pasture with steers is not the effect we were going for.”

As the runners approached, most of the steers moved to the side of the road; however, one stood still in the middle of the road, choosing to cut through the line of runners and causing one participant to slip and scrape his knee. No one else was injured, Fox reported. He said despite the unexpected participants, the contestants seemed to have a good time.

“I am proud of this county but it’s also kind of a weird county,” BJ Ayars, the race’s photographer, told Fox. “Only in Salem could you have a steer enter your 10-mile race and it not faze a single person.”