Father’s Day is just around the corner. From my past knowledge of Father’s Day, fathers typically want to just keep things simple, be with their family and enjoy doing things they love. Instead of finding that perfect gift, perhaps consider grilling a meal for your dad! Grilling is one of those no-fuss, outdoor cooking techniques that allows you to mingle and have fun while you cook – not to mention it can be a healthy option, too.

Planning Your Grillout

First, let’s start with the basics and consider your menu. Research tells us that 87% of Americans grill and beef is the meat they grill most often (63%). Beef is a great grilling option for dad’s big day. Here are some tips to help you create a special beef meal for dad:

  • Choose your cut. Did you know some of the most popular beef cuts are also lean? For example, flank, strip loin and sirloin are all lean cuts. Not sure which beef cut to choose? Visit Beef it’s what’s for dinner: Interactive Butcher Counter is great tool to help guide you.
  • Find recipe inspiration. Beef it’s what’s for dinner has a variety of great tasting grilling recipes to choose from. If you’re simply looking to add a little spice, check out our rubs and marinades page.
  • Prepare your grill. Make sure your grill is clean. When you are ready to cook, allow the grill to heat up sufficiently to eliminate potential bacteria problems. Prepare the grill (gas or charcoal) according to manufacturer’s direction for medium heat.
  • Keep your hands clean. Wash your hands before, during and after food preparation.
  • Avoid cross-contamination. Keep raw meats and ready-to-eat foods in separate containers to avoid cross-contamination. Wash utensils in warm, soapy water between uses.
  • Use proper utensils. A meat thermometer is a must because it takes the guesswork out of cooking. Ground beef burgers are recommended to be done to 160° F; steaks and roast are recommended at 145°F. Additional cooking times can be found in our online Confident Cooking with Beef resource.
  • Let it rest. Be sure to let cooked steaks and roasts rest at least three minutes once you remove them from the grill to allow the juices to redistribute evenly.
  • Observe time and temperature. Typically foods can be out for approximately two hours, but in hot weather (90° F or above), cut the time in half. In these instances one hour is the limit without refrigeration.

Caribbean Ribeye Steak with Grilled Pineapple Salad

By remembering these simple steps, you will not only be providing a delicious meal, but you will also be modeling good food safety and cooking techniques for others to follow. I suggest preparing this Caribbean Ribeye Steak with Grilled Pineapple Salad for Father’s Day. It combines great summertime flavors that are sure to please a family!