On Wednesday, Nov. 11, a grass fire spread through Cowley County in Atlanta, Kansas. The fire was started by an arcing power line and was fueled by the wind and dry conditions, KSN TV reported.

"I've been Fire Chief here since '92, been involved with the fire department for over 30 years and as far as the fastest fire, I won't say it's the fastest one but it's right up there with one of the worst ones that I've dealt with," Atlanta Fire Chief Darren Grow told KWCH’s Devon Fasbinder.

It took multiple fire departments to put out the blaze, which wiped out “more than 5,000 acres of grass, cattle, and hundreds of hay bales,” Fasbinder reported.

"We lost about 3,500 acres of grass, and about 350 round bales of hay,” Atlanta resident Brad Julius told Fasbinder. “So we lost our winter grass and the feed for the cattle. It makes life a little harder. We're going to have to somehow come up with feed for the cattle now. There's no grass for them to graze and no hay to feed."

Despite loss in land and livestock, there were no injuries, KSN TV reported.