No KC Strip steaks were served at a vegan strip joint in Portland, Ore., and now the gentlemen’s club has pulled the poles down. Black Cauldron didn’t have great reviews when it opened. The best deal wasn’t the food; it was the free lap dances after 9 pm.

When the vegan restaurant and stripper combination flopped the establishment was sold to a local nonprofit to start a homeless shelter for families.

Human Solutions, Inc. will operate 24/7 and offer housing to 130 people. Families will stay at the shelter an estimated 10 days. Hopefully none of the ex-vegan strippers have to stay at their old workplace.


Friday Funnies

Fun stories we stumbled upon while composing this week’s GTN.


Super Bowl and Agriculture

Guacamole looks to be the Super Bowl favorite at watch parties across the U.S. this year. Consumption of avocados is up 13% and the California Avocado Commission forecasts nearly 400 million pounds will be grown in the state during 2016.

Burgers and beef brats are found at a lot of tailgates, but for Super Bowl parties chicken wings often become the protein of choice. And if your team is in the Super Bowl, you’d better hope the local fans buy chicken wings. Four out of the last five Lombardi Trophy winners have also won the war on wings. This year Charlotte grocery buyers have out shopped Denver fans by 300% for chicken wings.

Beef producers will play a large role in the 50th Super Bowl, too. One cow hide makes 20 pigskins, aka footballs. During the Super Bowl 120 game balls are used, including 12 kicker balls, meaning six cow hides will be tossed around the stadium on Sunday. Since Tom Brady isn’t playing they all should be inflated.


Fed Cattle Weights Look to Slow Pace

Feedyards found plenty of economic incentive to feed cattle to heavier weights last year, the results displayed in record carcass weights and dismal profits.

Weights are likely to increase further in 2016, analysts say, though the pace of growth should slow. CattleFax data shows carcass weights increased 20 pounds last year. Cattle feeders held onto calves longer in hopes the market would rally when cost of gains averaged $0.75-0.80/lb. compared to a live cattle price of $1.40/lb.