For years, Humane Watch has centered its efforts on exposing the truth behind the Humane Society of the United States. From its dismal financial support of actual pet shelters (to the tune of 1 percent of its annual budget) to extensive anti-farming lobbyist efforts, the truth behind HSUS is slowly being unveiled.

Now, thanks to an unnamed, former undercover investigator, the real story of HSUS and its true vegan agenda is coming to light.

In an exclusive interview with Humane Watch, a new video sheds light on the aggressive group and exposes the truth behind HSUS.

So just what is animal agriculture up against? Here are some of the realities exposed by this interview, accessible above, including:

  • Guilty of something: “Day one of training, I was basically told every single farm is doing something illegal.”
  • Twisting words, splitting hairs and downright lying: “Let’s say that I went to a livestock auction and there’s a small calf running around. And let’s say this calf falls over.  If I’m filming this and send this in a report, I would say, “Calf fell over due to its own momentum.”  Mary Beth [Sweetland, HSUS Director of Investigations,] would correct that and say, “Could be malnourished or kept in hobbles the whole time.” I wouldn’t be allowed to draw something that I could see plain as day in context.”
  • Recording more important than reporting: “I was never told to contact law enforcement. If you see a crime, stop that crime. Don’t wait. How many other animals must be abused down the line to accomplish this? That seems like basic, common sense.”
  • There are a few “bad apples, but…: “There’s going to be bad people in the world in every field. There’s going to be bankers who embezzle money. That’s a fact of life. I think most farmers are doing the right thing.”

For the full video, click here or watch the clip above.

The latest video is a continuation of the recent interview released by Humane Watch. In that interview, the whistleblower explains how his undercover investigation in a gestation barn not only opened his eyes to HSUS but also changed his mind on gestation stalls. Click here for part one of the interview series.