In case you missed it, here are the top five stories on Drovers CattleNetwork today.


Protein satisfies

Evidence keeps building that adequate animal protein in each meal satisfies hunger and decreases body weight.

Sjostrom: With Subway gone, agriculture’s Guide to Good Eatin’ gets shorter

Yesterday’s announcement by Subway that it is transitioning to meat that has never been treated with antibiotics raised eyebrows with those of us in the anti-fear club. 

Ranch succession-planning series: Find your motivation, Part II

From part four of our four-part ranch succession-planning series. “If anyone in a family business resists taking the necessary steps to form a succession plan, they are putting their family operation in the cull pen to be hauled off to the sale barn,” Dave Specht explains. “By not being prepared, an operation is at a much higher risk for receiving devastating consequences.”

Senate committee set to examine GMO labeling law

The battle over whether states can mandate that food containing genetically engineered crops must be labeled moves to the U.S. Senate on Wednesday.

Cattle rustling U.S.A., where 'Rawhide' meets 'Breaking Bad'

Cattle rustling, a crime associated with the Wild West, is on the rebound in the heart of the U.S. cattle industry, driven largely by ranch hands stealing livestock to get money to feed their drug habits.