Meat of the Matter: Swing and a miss

Not every marketing initiative ends up being a home run. But it’s a shame when failure isn’t from customer indifference but because an operator didn’t even try to make contact.

Cow prices weaker again

Cow markets softened again last month with the falling of the fed-cattle markets. Still, they remained a little better than they were this time last year, with the exception of slaughter cow prices. 

Part 2: Filling the need for future veterinarians

Veterinary schools continue to evolve to provide more practical experience as student demographics and job requirements change.

Weekly beef production surpasses year-prior levels

Cattle weights will continue to be an important factor to watch in the months ahead. Cattle are remaining on feed longer and are currently being marketed at record weights.

Meatpacking plants diversify Midwest towns

Throughout the Midwest, meatpacking plants are helping to diversify small towns like Fort Morgan, Colorado. The town, which is home to nearly 11,000 people, hosts a Cargill meatpacking plant and has attracted residents of Latino, European and African descent.