According to his colleagues at 44 Farms near Cameron, Texas, Tracy Woods, 37, is a cowboy devoted to his calling and craft. He is “fueled by an admiration of cattlemen who have gone before him and a passion for the land and livestock. He lives and works in tandem with nature in an honorable partnership.” In fact, his colleagues say the only thing Woods enjoys more than spending the day on horseback and caring for cattle is teaching his young sons to do the same.

“I love what I do. It is never like I am going to work,” said Woods. “It is important that we continue to provide quality beef products to consumers, do what we can to improve genetics and efficiently use the space we have so we are able to produce beef into the future.”

Woods earned a bachelor’s of science degree in animal science and pre-veterinary medicine from Oklahoma State University in 2000. He worked for Reproductive Enterprises in Stillwater, Okla., right out of college for two years, managing their bull stud and breeding cows. He then went to work for eight years as registered cow herd manager for Limestone LLC, an Angus cattle operation, near Perkins, Okla. He was in charge of the operation’s breeding program. When that herd was dispersed in 2012, Woods joined 44 Farms, also an Angus operation. As director of cattle operations he focuses on reproductive sciences, animal health and nutrition management.

“Tracy is one of the really smart, young guys in the business. He understands all aspects of the beef industry, from commercial and registered operations, to the feedlots, to the 44 Farms branded beef program and slaughterhouses. He is taking 44 Farms to the next level,” said Doug Slattery, 44 Farms chief operating officer. “Tracy is good with people, and a tremendous promoter of beef and Angus cattle. We get many visitors to the farm, including restaurant owners and chefs, and Tracy always serves as a good example of what we are trying to promote.”

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