C.W. (Bill) McMillan served as Vice President for Washington Affairs, National Cattlemen's Association and was a co-Founder of the U.S. Meat Export Federation. 
Bill McMillan has had a profound influence, often behind the scenes, on the US beef industry and on international trade. After graduating from Colorado State University, he began his career in the industry as a County Agent in Colorado. After working with Swift & Co's Agricultural Research Department, he joined the American National Cattlemen's Association, serving as Executive Vice President for 11 years. 
He became Vice President for Washington Affairs when that organization merged with the National Livestock Feeders to become the National Cattlemen's Association in 1977. In that role, he helped pass the Meat Import Law in 1964 with great initial trade benefits for the US, Australia and New Zealand. 
He was a key player in negotiations leading up to the Wholesome Meat Act in 1967, which brought important structural changes to meat plants in US and abroad. In 1981, President Ronald Reagan appointed Mr. McMillan to the position of USDA Assistant Secretary for Marketing and Inspection Services. 
During the 1970s, he was directly involved in two landmark events with long term impact on the industry:
• Participating in the inaugural conference of the 4-Nation Beef Group (US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, with Mexico added later, to become 5-Nation Beef group, which still meets annually to address key industry and trade issues.
• Becoming a co-founder, together with AMI President Richard Lyng, of the U.S. Meat Export Federation, an organization that has become the pre-eminent body in world meat trade, with enormous benefits for all red meat groups in the US. Mr. McMillan's friends and business associates are invited to attend the Induction Ceremony at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, DC on November 2 and congratulate him on this honor. Tickets are available by contacting Chuck Jolley (Chuck@MeatIndustryHalloffame.com or +1 913.205.3791). Ordering deadline is Friday, October 16.
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