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This week’s season premiere of ABC’s The Bachelor is featuring Iowa farmer Chris Soules on his journey to find love. Social media buzz has started the trending #bachelorfarmer for Twitter feeds relating to the show, some members of the agriculture community have used it to tell their world their own singular relationship status. This blog even took it as far as running profiles on bachelor farmers across the United States – watch out

If you’re interested in watching Soules gate sort through multiple women to find his one true love, The Bachelor airs every Monday at 8|7 c on ABC. Or you could just wait until your turn your bulls out this spring into their first set of open heifers.

Meat cake

Speaking of love, Shiner Smokehouse featured every romantic's dream this week: A four tiered wedding cake made out of meat. It really is beautiful.


Nazi cows

Britain farmer Derek Gow has found himself in a real pickle with his “Nazi cows” after they have repeatedly tried to kill people. According to Gow, the Heck cattle originated from a 1930s experiment by Hitler’s scientist to mimic the extinct breed of Aurochs.

"We have had to cut our herd down to six because some of them were incredibly aggressive and we just couldn't handle them,” he told Express News. "The ones we had to get rid of would just attack you any chance they could. They would try to kill anyone. Dealing with that was not a lot of fun at all."

The BBQ tour

If you’re the type of person who has procrastinated enough to still not have a New Year’s resolution, or simply know there is no use in creating one, we have a challenge for you. Grilling Authority Steven Raichlen with Huffington Post recently released his top five BBQ and grill restaurants of 2014.

Locations include:

Peacan Lodge, Dallas

Miller’s Guild, Seattle

Butcher & the Boar, Minneapolis

King + Duke, Atlanta

Jake’s Handcrafted, Brooklyn

Sure, it involves a lot of traveling, but it also involves a lot of eating.

Stray cows

It’s not uncommon to come across stray dogs and cats in urban areas, but stray cows? That is the case for a sprawling city in eastern India – to the point where city officials have conducted regular “cattle raids” to clean the streets of the bovine hooligans, slapping owners with a Rs. 1,500 fine per cow and another Rs. 100 per day for feed. That equals about $23.73 dollars for capture and $1.58 for feed. Compared to the U.S. market, that sounds like a pretty sweet deal.