The new Firefli monocular viewer provides you with the same defined ultrasound image, with added peripheral vision. This viewer is custom made for those who have one dominant eye and would prefer to see the ultrasound image in a monocular viewer.

This lightweight monocular sits comfortably on your head, connected to an adjustable baseball cap. The eye piece can be altered to either your right or left eye based on preference. It can be modified to sit closer or further away to your face in order to focus the image for your individual needs.

With shade from the hat there is added protection from the sweltering sun and an aid in regulating temperature. The hat can also be swapped with a winter headband or hat to protect you from the cold.

The viewer is made with OLED technology and features glare guard protection. OLED technology provides you with the largest and highest quality image.

For those who feel uncomfortable wearing a binocular, the Firefli provides you with a seamless alternative. This viewer is compatible with all Easi-Scan machines. 

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