(0:00 – 1:35) Did you know … In conjunction with the annual IDEA World Fitness Convention in Anaheim, Calif., the beef checkoff conducted activities for influential fitness professionals who reach older millennial parents and have strong potential to be beef advocates. In August, fitness professionals attended a “Throw Down with Beef” cooking demo challenging Executive Chef Dave Zino to answer their questions about making beef easy, nutritious and delicious for their clients. Chef Dave focused on portion sizes and cooking techniques and the audience was provided with educational materials to reference and to share with clients. Later that day, fitness industry leaders were invited to an exclusive educational reception and beef dinner where they heard from registered dietitian, Leslie Schilling, who spoke on myths/realities tied to beef nutrition in addition to hearing from checkoff funded researcher, Heather Leidy who shared the latest on protein science. The hashtag #KnowYourBeef was used during both the cooking demo and reception so attendees could share their learnings on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The project created visibility and presented learning opportunities at the largest national gathering of fitness professionals in the country. The IDEA World Fitness Convention was attended by more than 14,000 fitness professionals from across the U.S.

More than 17,000 impressions were generated on Instagram and between the cooking demo and educational reception, more than 70,000 Twitter impressions were tracked using the #KnowYourBeef hashtag.

Attendees of the educational reception said their opinion of beef as a simple and nutritious source of protein was more positive and that their opinion about beef’s impact on the environment was also more positive.

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