One theme that encompasses consumer concerns about modern beef production is what takes place at a so-called “factory farm.” Considering the lasting repercussions this portends for consumer confidence, recent checkoff research set out to identify opportunities for a proactive and transparent approach to communicating facts about beef production, especially to millennials.

The findings: Millennials are not only concerned about ‘factory farming’ but also rank beef production as the No. 1 industry associated with it. In fact, many of them associate the entire beef-production process with ‘factory farming’. And while generally uninformed and lacking familiarity with the process, these consumers identified inhumane/crowding, foodborne illness, hormone use, GMOs (or bioengineered foods) and disease as the aspects of beef production that concern them most.

When it comes to addressing these concerns, fact-based stimuli presented in a visually appealing, credible format that addresses the entire production chain resonated most with millennials to address their concerns.

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