If you’re a cattle farmer in Oregon, you’re in luck – according to Kristi Albertson from KATU, beef is the state’s No. 1 agricultural commodity.

In 2014, the Oregon Department of Agriculture announced that beef had made its claim at the top of the agricultural industry, bringing in $922 million statewide, Albertson reported. Not only that, but all three components of the industry – feedlots, cow-calf operations and slaughterhouses – were all doing well and going strong.

 “The cow-calf guy has been the strongest for the last four years,” rancher Doug Maag told Albertson. “Very seldom are all three (components of the industry) making money at the same time.”

Albertson reported that beef’s success has had to do with cow-calf pairs doing well because of fewer animals on the market, especially after droughts in Texas forced many ranchers to reduce their herds. The demand of the product increased as the product became harder to attain, which was a good sign for cattle producers, Albertson said.

“These buyers were scrambling for the limited number of animals out there,” Malheur County Cattlemen’s Association President Chris Christensen told Albertson. “There were all-time record high beef prices.”

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