In today’s uncertain dairy and beef markets with high feed prices and world economy worries, it’s critical to have all your cows in production. Studies have shown that at any one time, at least 10% of your herd is lame.  Lame cows carry the same feed costs but provide less production decreasing your profits.  Blocking cows with Bovi-Bond puts those cows back at the feed bunk increasing production and your bottom line. Now is the time to make the best use of your resources.

Bovi-Bond, the industry leader in cow blocking adhesives, is proud to offer a complete range of blocking products for your dairy and ranch cows.  Bovi-Bond is conveniently packaged in 180cc cartridges for larger operations and 50cc tubes for smaller dairies, ranches or veterinarians.  Our blocks range from hard wood to rubber ensuring unsurpassed comfort and protection. Contact us today for more information!