Dead cattle have started to pop up on a ranch in in Mayes County, Okla., leaving neighbors worried about their own herd's health.

Neighbors of Cherry Ranch have been seeing the dead cattle for weeks now, with neighbor Rick Beeler reporting to Sharon Phillips of FOX23 News "They have numerous cattle die every day and they die in the pond where the cattle are drinking water." FOX 23 crews also reported seeing at least five dead cattle on the ranch on Sunday.

The owner of the ranch reported to Phillips that the deaths are due to heat, but Beeler believes the problem has been going on for too long for the heat to contribute. Beeler worries for the health of his cattle and the remaining cattle at Cherry Ranch because many of the deaths are in the pond where the cattle drink.

A deputy from the Mayes County Sherriff's Office was contacted and will be investigating the scene.

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