Colorado is dealing with the brittle conditions after a wildfire hit the northeast corner of the state, burning more than 32,000 acres in a time frame of eight hours earlier this month.

Within two days of the fire, most traces were not visible due to drifting and blowing sand. Pastures blew so much they had to use road graders and snow plows to keep county roads open in order to make hay drops.

Kyle McConnell, a Phillips County rancher, had cattle grazing on his neighbors’ land he rented. The grass fire consumed much of his neighbors’ property, including his home.

It burned away crops and grass, leaving dust and dirt blowing in the wind. As the dust cleared in the sky, the devastation could be made out in the distance, showing McConnell the cattle he lost.

“We lost 184 head of cattle,” said McConnell. “Our loss, monetarily, is significant.”

Currently, there’s an immediate need for hay, feed and fencing supplies.

The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association is taking donations.

For more information and how you can help, click here.