Editor's note: The following commentary was written by Gene Hall, Public Relations Director for the Texas Farm Bureau and published on their Texas Agriculture Talks website.

Here I was, wondering what I would write about this week and suddenly the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)—a gift that keeps on giving—popped into mind.

It seems that someone at PETA took exception  to a 14-year-old boy raffling a beef animal that had been given to him to help him pay for a trip to Europe.

When a PETA representative responded to the boy, a link to their “Lettuce Ladies” website was included, apparently by mistake. My mother wouldn’t want me to actually give you that link. Google it if you are curious. The Lettuce Ladies are attractive young women wearing nothing but strategically placed lettuce to protest the consumption of meat.

Sending that link to a child was not exactly responsible but we are talking about PETA here. An official PETA-type apologized, but jeez, when PETA is in town it’s hard to avoid a naked protestor. The link does not bother me as much as this unhinged sentence that was sent to a 14-year-old child.

“It just seems a little strange to me that you feel that someone needs to die for you to go on a school trip,” the PETA spokesperson said. “I feel like we can both surely agree that there are several other humane ways to fund-raise these days that don’t involve a dead, chopped up corpse.”

The shameless animal rights faithful acted shamefully by following up with a wave of cyber-bullying aimed at the young man. I think PETA’s only reason for existing is to make the like-minded but somewhat better behaved Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) look reasonable by comparison.

If someone would let me know how to go about it, I’d like to buy a ticket in this boy’s raffle.