As the sector of the population leaning toward vegetarian and vegan diets grows, animal producers have to consider how the shift will effect the meat industry.

"Is it something that's going to take over the center of the plate? Absolutely not," Greg Henderson, editor of Drovers, said. 

Recently, Tyson Foods invested in Beyond Meat, a protein alternative to meat. 

"I think the industry was stunned that Tyson was investing in [Beyond Meat]," Greg Henderson said. 

Tyson Foods’ Executive Vice President of Strategy and New Ventures & President of Foodservice, Monica McGurk, said in a press release, “We’re enthusiastic about this investment, which gives us exposure to a fast-growing segment of the protein market. It meets our desire to offer consumers choices and to consider how we can serve an ever-growing and diverse global population, while remaining focused on our core prepared foods and animal protein businesses.”

Still as the industry develops, meat is still holding strong as the center of the plate option. For more information, listen below. 

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