Apparently attempting to escape from rustlers, a dairy calf tried to escape from the trunk of a Honda Civic parked on the shoulder of California Interstate 10 near Banning last Saturday. A second calf was in the backseat. Both calves had their hooves tied.

When California highway patrolmen arrived at the scene, the driver of the vehicle was gone. A Riverside County Brand inspector was summoned, who took custody of the calves until their owners could be identified.

CDFA brand inspectors were able to use ear tags to identify the animals – they were stolen from a dairy farm in Tipton, Tulare County, roughly 250 miles away. The calves were sent back Tuesday and have returned to the farm. They’re in good condition. 

The car was impounded, but no one has yet reclaimed the vehicle. Read more on this bizarre story from the California Department of Food and Agriculture here